Sunday, May 1, 2011


just drop to wish HAPPY LABOUR DAY 2011 to all of you. Having a good rest yaw! tell a little bit of my experience. This year is my first time celebrating Labour Day. Back to the hometown is tha besttt vacation during public holidays!yahoo! So far so good. Its been up and down, down and up,down,down sometimes feel like want to QUIT! but if im quit, i will be a quiter forever.!! As a workers for one of well known company. vary so much  i need to do the improvement, vary much to study about the product, explore the prob of customer, and how to threat them rite using the power of SOFT SKILL(plez guys take it seriously.its varyy important matters right now to the world that call WORK!) Oh damn, its so hard yaw! "tergeliat lidah nak" jack customer when their vary angry! Must have vary strong patience n 'tuff' in urself. Customer slap you this, attack you that, call you stupid, ur job is useless, u are **** (teet). No matter what happen just keep it COOL. Threat customer the best as u can. They defends their own wrights as they deserved to. Be a good listener at least, eventhough we dont have any avaibilty to solve their prob. Keep the experience as we been paid salary every month to listen customer ****** as a CSR. END.

** hope i can build my own career one call my own.mine talent.mine achievement. For my parents,just for them.