Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Everyone wants to be love with someone that they love. sweet together & happy ending. see some of my friends are having a good time.enjoy the moment with the one their love. take a lovely pictures together. without no obstacle. Oh! i wish i can do that too.
but not all of us are lucky enough to have all the sweet and fairytalelovedream turn to reality.

for ME.
Love is just Love.
nothing special to wish too. we still hope for the goods.
make me wonder. too tired searching, running & suffering for love.
maybe its time for me think about myself, future, & what i want to achieve in my life.
spend time with the things that i want to do. my shortlist wish. Back to the basic.
STOP thinking about love because love comes and goes.
let love finding you & naturally it comes. with the doa. 

**hanya doa supaya disejahterakan hidup di dunia dan akhirat. biar tiada siapa menemani, hanya dsisi-Mu ku berserah dan bersujud atas segala perancanganMu untukku Ya Allah SWT. InsyaAllah. Amin**


  1. hye girl,, you back!! hope that you will continue blogging as usual.. i love most of your entry..:)

  2. haha.insyaAllah.takdela best mana.entry merapu raban je. :P tq.